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What You Should Know About Myanmar Tour Packages

Are you looking forward to a holiday tour in Myanmar? Well you should know something about Myanmar and perhaps fill the passion for going there. The country is also referred as Burma, and it is a hot point of several cultures. It borders, India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos. More than a 100 ethnic groups lives in this country depicting is diversity of culture. Until 2011, the country was ruled by an oppressive military leadership. Democracy is however steadily growing the nation. The country culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism, and a trip to the country will take you to a spiritual atmosphere. It would be a great opportunity to tour such places like serene beaches and traditional temples.

What does a holiday packages tour to Myanmar has in store for you? You can trail the intricate wood craft of the Shwenandaw monastery and stare in wonder of the golden peaks in the Shwedagon Pagoda. The trip will give you an opportunity to cross U Bein Bridge across Taungthaman lake. If you didn’t know; it is the longest teak bridges in the world. A good place to experience the sunrise is over the temples of Baga. A hike to the volcano Mount Popa gives you an awesome view of the environment. Over 100 shrines can be counted over the Sandamumi Pagoda in the Mount Popa.

Knowing about anything that can affect your tour in advance is always a good idea. So when you visit Myanmar, there are tips that can help. If you visit a market near a temple, you will see vendors with caged birds. The birds are not pets but are to be bought and set free by worshipers to earn a good karma. Even though there is WiFi in maynammar, its low speed can frustrate you. With that said, you should try to book as much as possible travel and accommodation before you set out to the country to avoid the frustrations once you get there.

Cash is very important in Myanmar as shops and restaurants do not accept credit card payment. Have US dollars for large transactions and the Kyats for small transactions. In some places, you will not find adequate hotels and accommodation. To avoid such a challenge, go there when you have fully booked whatever you need. Hey to men, are you prepared to wear a wraparound skirt? This cloth is used by both men and women and you should prepare your mind for such to feel grateful in the country. Bearing it in mind that the country has seasonal weather, check the best time for your travel.

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