Valet Parking: The Complete Guest Experience

When seeking out a definition for valet service in Singapore, you get “parking arrangements supplied through an established order, whereby customers leave their vehicles at the doorway while attendants park and retrieve them.”

But is that what valet parking is all approximately?

I would argue that valets aren’t just attendants who park vehicles, but people, when successful at their task, who create a heat welcoming environment in the manner in and a hassle-loose goodbye at the way out. With an honest greeting, the hole of a door and a simple smile, a valet parking attendant can make any visitor experience special.

Creativity: Leave a Mint at the Dashboard

When searching at an inn operation, you recognize the intention of all departments is to make certain that each guest leaves happy. How valet parking branch starts and ends the experience for a guest can make or damage their go to.

Hoteliers are continually searching for new and innovative approaches to attract visitors and to keep them returning. Valet parking can offer a unique opportunity to carrier a visitor that no other hotel branch can. We are responsible for a guest’s most prized possession, their car. This gives us the possibility to create resourceful approaches to service guests.

With proper making plans, the following offerings can be organized and could increase standard visitor delight with the aid of making their live memorable and headache-unfastened.

Car washing and detailing. Giving a guest the possibility to have their automobile cleaned before an important commercial enterprise meeting or choosing up buddies and own family is a pleasant contact

Fill the fuel tank. Coming to a brand new metropolis may be difficult for a guest. Having the capacity to take a guest’s personal or rented car to a nearby gas station for them can shop time and fear.

Check tire stress. An often-left out the object on a car tires strain. Having an air strain gauge and transportable tire pump inside the parking branch can come to be a precious addition.

Oil modifications and test fluids. Many visitors are traveling long distances to get to their locations. Having the capability to get the car’s oil modified and test its fluids can offer reassurance that it’s far operating competently.

Although these services can be difficult, including car- and tour-associated facilities can be much less complicated and could position a smile on any guest’s face. Items, consisting of mints, may be brought to key chains or located on dashboards. Individually published guidelines to neighborhood sights and highways can deliver delivered comfort to a visitor seeking to navigate through an unfamiliar town. Bottled water or a listing of neighborhood radio stations may be positioned in a visitor’s automobile to make their journey to their subsequent vacation spot greater at ease.

Service Recovery: Turn a Negative into a Positive

What separates a terrific valet operation from a wonderful one is how it responds to a negative situation. All horrific stories are simply possibilities, and that is actually within the valet parking commercial enterprise.

At Ultimate drive home valet in Singapore, we have created a completely unique manner to make certain that any guest who has had a hassle within the motel receives the decision that they desire. Our Ultimate Service Recovery Program makes a specialty of issues that arise no longer most effective within our branch, but additionally with any difficulty that takes place to a guest for the duration of their life. Each morning, we review resort reports to discover if any visitors had a problem from the previous day. If there’s a hassle with something in the motel, irrespective of what the issue may also have been, the visitor automobile receives flagged.
When the visitor contacts the valet office, we move their vehicle to the front of the line and considered one of our managers for my part fingers the keys to the visitor. Our supervisor asks the visitor if everything was resolved to their satisfaction about the precise issue that they had. If the guest remains unsatisfied, our supervisor will notify a member of the in staff approximately their dissatisfaction, so the guest can be contacted without delay. This creates a further opportunity for the resort to fulfill its guests.